PORTO – compact tape applicator Ask for product

PORTO - a semi-automatic machine for applying single or double-sided adhesive tapes on various products with manual feeding.
Equipped with two automatic (pneumatic) applicators with adjustable clamping force to the semi-finished product. Machine is available in a various working widths from 60 to 120 cm.
The application system is controlled from a touch panel with an interface with the base machine with an intuitive graphic layout.
It is possible to expand the machine with additional applicators and a hot glue application system and an automatic feeder.
The design of the machine has been optimized in such a way as to reduce dimensions to the minimum, at the same time using maximum applicability. As a result, PORTO dispensers have obtained a universal form that allows them to be used even in an office without a three-phase 400V electrical connection or a compressed air system.
It is the best solution for small and medium size orders.